Can’t confirm my email

At first registration I didnt click on the email confirmation link. It is expired.

If I try to login now I get the message:
“You have to confirm your email address before continuing. Please check your email for the link we sent you, or click ‘Resend confirmation email’.”

I choose the resend confirmation email, I get the confirmation email. When I click on the link I get the message:
1 error prohibited this user from being saved:
Email has already been taken

I guess I have the account belonging to this email I try to confirm as after a few try I received an email about a locking the account due to an excessive amount of unsuccessful sign in attempts. I could click on the unlock link in this email and the account was unlocked.


I faced the same issue. When i registered myself here, I didn’t get the confirmation email. when I got, it was expired. I then tried again to create new account, it said your account already exist. And then i tried to change my password and after two attempts finally logged in.

I’m seeing the same issue. Attempting to log in after successfully changing my password, I’m still unable to log in. Adding my voice here so I get updates to this thread. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows how to resolve this issue – although I strongly suspect it’s a bug in GitLab itself.

Thanks for your comments!

At Gitlab there is a known and open issue where the account cannot be confirmed anymore after the initial confirmation period has expired. They do have several tickets open in our issue tracker to fix this.

I contacted the support on this url, they helped me manually and finally we could solve the problem

Hope they will fix this issue soon as this is really annoying.