[SaaS] Can't receive confirmation email

I signed up for gitlab.com a couple days ago, but I mistyped the email address. I could create a new account, but ideally I’d keep the username I used.

The mistyped address wasn’t taken so I created a new account with it, however, resending confirmation email still wouldn’t send anything.

I created this forum account using the same mistyped address, so I know I can receive emails there. I tried creating a new gitlab.com account with the mistyped address, and the website says it’s taken, so I know it’s the correct mistyped address.

I’d appreciate any help :slight_smile:
Thank you

Do you mean your actual email address or the address that you used for your GitLab account?

Either way, the best way to get confirmation/forgot password email issues resolved for GitLab.com is to contact support.

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@cynthia I meant the address I used for my GitLab account and thank you, support was able to help me out: apparently gitlab mail servers were blocking my email address.