Cannot see assignees during list creation in Boards

I am seeing a behavior that feels like a bug, but I also think about be permission related perhaps.

I am using the kanban feature, for issues “Boards”. I have created a new board which I want to populate with lists, one for each assignee on my team. However when I create a new list and select type Assignee, none of my team members are shown in the list of available asignees, only one value is shown and its a bot member my project has.

What is weird though, is that if I edit the board, I can scope the board to a particular assignee no problem. In that dropdown list, all the team members appear as possible values. So I can scope a board to an assignee, but not a list.

One thing I did notice is that when I go to “Members” in my project I have one value which is a bot. The same bot that appears as the only possible assignee. Under “Groups” I have a subgroup “Developers” which contains all my team members. That group is a subgroup of the group in which my project resides. The parent group lets call “My Product”, the project “My Project”, and the subgroup “Developers”. The above behavior makes me think the assignee list is looking for values in “members” where as the board can be scoped to members or group members.

Anyone have any idea if this is a bug or intended?

GitLab Enterprise Edition 14.8.5-ee