Can't access gitlab with account

I have an account on GitLab, so I wanted to transfer the projects there to new account on gitlab, but it didn’t allow to access with the password, so

I had changed the password successfully, then I had tried again to sig-in with new password but , it shows :

You have to confirm your email address before continuing. Please check your email for the link we sent you, or click ‘Resend confirmation email’.

But the email has not arrived to my email.

Hi @developlili , welcome to the GitLab Community Forum!

If you’ve not received the confirmation email and you’ve checked your spam folder, please submit a Support ticket.

To ensure this gets routed to the GitLab team members that can help with this, please select “Problem type” of “Did not receive confirmation email” and the reason you’re reaching out is set to “ SaaS user account and login issues”.