Can't get my confirmation email

And when using OAuth Github, and when using a login and password, the service tries to send me a confirmation email to the address that I have already lost. How can I regain access to my account?

We are community members, so cannot help with account problems, password lockouts, or 2FA issues or even email delivery because we are not administrators of Searching the forum would give you many posts where people have had the same problem, and the reply is open a ticket. The link below automatically has selected the Gitlab SAAS User account and login issues problems option.

if you are using your own server and not then I suggest ensuring that you have configured gitlab so that email delivery works properly.

Thanks for the support.
I understand this is a community forum, just following the directions in the Gitlab guide for non-commercial users: contact via the forum.
Thanks again for the hint.

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Yes non-commercial or free support then forum. Account issues etc still need Gitlab staff intervention since community members cannot help with this.