Can't login on on firefox on windows

I’m using firefox 66.0.5 (tried reinstall it) on windows 10 and I can’t login on

The request sent was:

It doesn’t work with credentials or oauth.
On the same machine I’m able to login with chrome. On another machine (windows 7) I can login with the same firefox version.

I tried disable content blocking, no success. What can I do?

Hey @beeblebrox3, apologies for the issue.

We’ve gotten reports of this in the past on previous Firefox versions. I’m assuming there’s no change if you completely clear your cookies, cache, and disable all addons? If not, consider filing an issue here so that we can get more visibility on the problem.

I tried all of that and no change. But few hours after this post the problem resolved itself.
Thanks, @Tristan

Glad to hear it, @beeblebrox3!