Сan not log in through any browser, any operating system

I try to login on any browser (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari) on Ubuntu 20.04, Window 10 x64, MacOs Monterey 12.6 - page is freesing with the message “Checking your browser before accessing gitlab.com

There are no extensions or plugins. Cleaned browser cache

There is a partial service disruption affecting GitLab.com login for a subset of users.

Please check our Status Page for updates https://status.gitlab.com/ and the following issue for details:
2022-10-28: Users can't login. Error: "Unexpected token '['" (#7943) · Issues · GitLab.com / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production · GitLab

@microlabig thanks for sharing this level of detail!

Is the HTTP 503 response consistent when you reload the http://gitlab.com/users/sign_in page? If it is still reproducible, what happens when you delete the following 3 Cloudflare cookies?


You may only have the first two cookies, and if so, it would be helpful to know that. If you have the 3rd cookie (cf_clearance), delete it too, and don’t share its value (it stores the successful completion of the browser challenge).

Hello, for me the issue still persists — I can’t log in into GitLab, keeps responding with 503. Tried Firefox and Chrome, Chrome for mobile, using a VPN, clearing cookies and cache — nothing helped.

As mentioned in a recent reply to the issue regarding this incident, it happens to all Cloudflare protected websites.

UPD: Here is a new Cloudflare Community thread on this issue:

503 persists, I can’t login to gitlab.com
Removing the 3 mentioned cookies doesn’t help.
I see the same JS error in the console as the topic starter.
Is there anything I can do to help debugging this?

UPD: removing all cookies for .gitlab.com and using VPN with exit node in Netherlands helped.

The problem has been going on for 2 days now. Clearing cookies doesn’t help. We will follow Cloudflare Community thread

UPD: Helped by using VPN through the Netherlands