Change email in the account

My problem is next: I have an active GitLab account. I wanted to change my email to a new one, but by mistake: I created a new account. After I deleted this new account with a new email. After the deletion, when I try to log in (with this new email), I get an error: “Your account has been blocked. Please contact your GitLab administrator if you think this is an error.”
Now I’m trying to change my email in the settings of the old account, using the email for which I created the new account by mistake. But here I am also getting the error: “Email has already been taken”.

How can I now change the email to a new one (which is blocked, not completely deleted)?

If this is for - open a support ticket:

We are just community members that visit this forum, so we cannot help as we have zero admin capabilities on

A lot of thanks for the suggestion

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