Cli git tag fails to run pipeline properly but git tag on gitlab UI, runs pipeline fine

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I have a very normal setup which is to activate my BUILD stage whenever there is a git tag. During my initial development, I tested with the git tag on the UI, it all went well until I started testing it with the “git tag” on the command line on a remote git repo. Whenever this tags are pushed to the gitlab repo, the pipeline will be triggered and 100% fails to run at very early stage when the section where “Featching changes…” happens. it will fail to access the repository with the given token( gitlab-ci-token… )

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I have not done this before but I expect it to work just like the UI will.

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I have tried to make sure a baseline test is done with the UI and all access are given proper check on the gitlab-runner agent and to the server. Everytime the git tag on UI tested = works ! 3 out of 3 =SUCCESS. but I git clone a repo to a separate machine, run git tag -a 3.1.2 -m “bla bla 3.1.2” , the pipeline will fail for sure ( as shown on the screenshot )
I have also changed the CI/CD to do git clone instead of git fetch on all new pipeline , but still fails
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When you do a git tag with the cli, do the tags appear in the GitLab UI?

Verify the tags are actually being pushed to GitLab in order to activate the proper gitlab CI.

This is done with a git push —tags.