Cloning Private Repository: Works on Windows, not Linux

Attempting to clone a private repository.

I’ve successfully done so on my Windows machine, but not on a Linux machine. I’ve confirmed I am a Maintainer on the Repository and have authority to use tokens as needed.

To test https cloning service, I cloned the tools successfully on the Linux machine. HTTPS and git work accordingly.

Using a Personal Access Token as follows:

sudo git clone https://token:pat@url

The message is consistently:
fatal: repository ‘https://url not found’

I have also tried the following:

git clone https://url
git clone https://username:pat@url
git clone https://username:password@url
git clone https://gitlab-ci-token:${pat}@url
git clone https://oauth2:pat@url
git clone https://oauth2:username:pat@url
git clone https://pat:x-oauth-basic@url
git clone https://username:pat:x-oauth-basic@url

I have confirmed there are no characters different from the Windows clone command versus the linux command.

Cannot discern what I could be doing wrong, and how it would be a problem on the Linux service and not the Windows service.

Make sure you have the .git at the end and your url is like this:
git clone

you should then be prompted for the user and token.

If that doesn’t work, are you trying to pull from a privately run instance or

If privately run, I would step back and double check your networking.

ping, wget or curl, the url to see if you get any certificate error.