Confirmation mail never received but work for forum!

I create an account but can’t login I have always this message:
“You have to confirm your email address before continuing.” <— Is there a way to put the link to send again the confirmation link somewhere near the notification message?

I can’t figure out where I can ask for a new mail confirmation???
Also after I register I send the confirmation mail several times but never received.

I register with the same email on the forum and I correctly received the confirmation mail as I can post this message. :grinning:

There was a typo in the email that can explain that I never receive the mail.:blush:

Sorry for the noise. But as improvement can you consider to add a link to confirm account that may help to figure out the problem earlier and also is there a way to know how much the mistaken account will stay alive? Do you delete the not confirmed account regularly so in this way we can get back the username we choose first.

Sorry again and hope my message can help. :bowing_woman:

i have the same problem… I try to receive the confirmation email but never receive it. Also not in my SPAM Folder. The confirmation email of this forum i received…
What i can do?
I can’t register again with this email, because the system told me email already exists…