Consistent 500 error from for one repository

Hi GitLab team!

I hope this is the correct place to report a bug - please let me know if I should move this somewhere else.

My repository at is consistently getting a 500 internal server error - and it seems to be an ongoing issue even after trying again the next day. I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly pathological in that repo, so not entirely sure what corner case it has triggered.

Steps to reproduce: Navigate to in your browser. It happens consistently for this URL whether logged in as me or in private browsing with no existing GitLab cookies set.
What I expected to happen: See the UI for the repository.
What actually happened: It displayed a “500 Whoops, something went wrong on our end.” page.

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Exactly same issue. I have only one repo in my account inaccessible: Any page under the path e.g. Issues · Yhëhtozr / forem · GitLab seems working fine, just the repo home URL consistently returns 500.

Same issue for me, some repo inacessible : , and

As yheuhtozr working fine if I don’t use home repo url page, but a direct link to a subsection.

Same issue for me as well. My repo here is broken:

I have been having this exact same issue. Let’s hope this issue gets resolved soon!

I just opened an issue on gitlab about it:


5 out of my 8 projects have the same issue. They were all working previously, no change from me. And now I suddenly get the same error (500 internal server error).

As others have mentioned, if I instead go to a subpage, like for instance -/tree/master or any other subpath, then there is no problem. It only seems to affect the “home page” for a repo.