Container registry ( is unreachable

I am using GitLab Cloud for my container images and deploying them in a Docker Swarm cluster. One of my nodes cannot reach the registry so it cant pull images from there, rendering that node essentially useless. All of my nodes are managed by IaC so their network configuration is exactly the same, yet only one of them cannot reach the registry. Any other url can be reached but the registry times out not even reaching the server. My only other idea is that my server’s IP is being blocked by a firewall on GitLab side. My last resort is to delete that node and create another but that’s a bit tedious so I would prefer another solution. Any idea is welcome. Thanks in advance.

You can easily rule out the IP thing by using a VPN from the server and then see if the Gitlab registry is then accessible or not.

There are various free VPN’s that you could use to check/verify this like Windscribe, Nordvpn, and then check a couple of locations from the VPN. I believe both of the ones I mentioned have Linux CLI tools for starting the VPN tunnel.

Yeah that makes sense, thanks for the idea. I actually just replaced that node and got another public IP for it which fixed the issue.

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