Double auth problem with my account


I have a major problem to access my account.
I have active few days ago the double authentification method with my phone and google ahtentificator app.
But yesterday i don’t remember me that i must remove the double authentification before reset my android phone…

So now its impossible for me to connect to my account, i have full access to the email of my account.

If the support can help me please :slight_smile:


When using two factor authentication on any website you should always keep your recovery codes printed out or saved somewhere secure (preferably encrypted).

If you find that you’ve lost your recovery codes and have no access to your 2FA app due to losing/resetting your phone, you can potentially generate new recovery codes by logging in on a device that has your session saved and resetting your 2FA device.

If you have an SSH connection still available, you can also generate new recovery codes using that:

If neither of those work, you can contact support at with a form of identification and your user information, and we’ll reset your 2FA. This is a last-ditch solution, and may not be available in the future due to the potential holes it opens for social engineering.

If you’re not on, you can contact your instance administrator for assistance.