Educational License covered use cases


I’d like to confirm if a use case for Gitlab is covered by the Education License.

On the terms page ( we can read this excerpt :

… the Education License granted herein shall also include access and/or use by IT professionals employed or contracted by Customer, solely for the purposes of providing administrative support to the Students and/or Faculty …

I’d like to clarify what administrative support entails.

Is it strictly regarding the management of Gitlab itself ?

Or does it also cover the development of applications which provides administrative support to the Faculty/Students ?

Thank you in advance for any clarifications !

Hi George, Thanks for your interest in GitLab and reaching out!

Great question. To clarify, administrative support means strictly the management of GitLab itself for students or faculty. For example, an IT professional could have a GitLab account for the purposes of creating groups, adding students, assisting with the on-premise installation for a class.

The terms do not cover the development of applications which provide administrative support to the Faculty/Students. For example, an IT department using GitLab for building applications or managing workflows for the management/infrastructure of the University is not included. This use case is currently under a regular non-Education license.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out to with any further questions.

Best, Christina

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Thank you for your answer Christina, that clarifies it !