Introduction: @simon.leinen

Hi everyone!

:mortar_board: Simon Leinen @simon.leinen on GitLab

:mortar_board: Zurich, Switzerland, Europe :earth_africa:

:mortar_board: Working for SWITCH, the National Research & Education Network (NREN)

:mortar_board: We set up GitLab in 2014 because we needed a Git hosting system for an internal project and couldn’t use the internal Git repo for obscure security policy reasons. People enjoyed it, and now we run a couple of servers, including some on behalf of universities (who are our customers).

:mortar_board: :sun_behind_small_cloud: :mountain: :biking_man:

:mortar_board: My go-to resources for learning about DevOps, SRE, DevNetOps: GitLab blog posts, CACM Practice section (aka “ACM Queue”), Network To Code, chats with colleagues over :coffee:

:mortar_board: Questions for the community: How can universities make use of GitLab’s wonderful education license offering (no-fee Ultimate license for education purposes) and support some limited level of “professional” use at the same time, without having to run two servers (which would create unnecessary “toil” and impede collaboration)?


Great to meet you @simon.leinen! Really liked reading about and learning more on your research project!

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Hi, @simon.leinen Thanks for introducing yourself! It is great to see you here :grinning:. Thanks for sharing your resources as well. I love your question :wink:. I am still working hard on answering that since last we spoke. I hope to have an answer for you here shortly!

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