Introduction: Matthias Heimberg

My name is Matthias, i am a teacher at the Technische Fachschule Bern in Switzerland :switzerland:. We have a GitLab Ultimate on premise installation since a couple of months. Our ~150 students :man_student:t4: :woman_student:t4: use GitLab for version control and to host their projects. We are using GitLab to teach git and some DevOps practices.


Welcome to our forum, @heimberg!

It’s cool to hear how you are using GitLab. If you haven’t already, you should take our GitLab for Education 2020 survey!


Hey @heimberg, welcome to the forum! Love to hear about the work your students are doing using GitLab.

Do you use your license with a specific group of students in a certain area of study, or is it available for students across departments?

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Hi @heimberg! Welcome to the GitLab Forum. It is great to hear students using GitLab to host their projects and learning about DevOps.

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