Questions about Gold level for educational license

I have tried several times to contact GitLab with questions about the Gold level of the educational license option but cannot get a response so I’m trying here. My university is looking at getting enough licenses for all facutly, staff and students. We have run the enterprise edition locally on a smaller scale, but before we host everything locally with the Ulitmate education option, we had some questions bout the hosted gold level. Hopefully someone here can answer these questions or point me at a contact for this.

  1. Branding? Is there any sort of branding available for Gold level in the education license with either the URL or banner or anything?

  2. Account allocation? How do we ensure that only our staff/students are able to use the licenses assigned to us. How do our users sign up for an account under the education license?

  3. Authentication. Is all authentication local to or can it authenticate against our AD, LDAP, or Shibboleth?

I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!

Apologies for the delay. Someone will be in touch with you here soon…


It’s absolutely fine to ask your questions here. In fact, we should add them to the education FAQ. I’ll try to address the ones I can answer straight away, and we’ll get someone from the team to answer the rest.

That said, how have you tried to contact GitLab so far regarding these questions? Generally we recommend folks to reach out to us via the e-mail for questions about the education program. I’ve double-checked and I haven’t seen your questions in our inbox (apologies in case we missed them somehow).

That one is covered (somehow) on the education FAQ and in the features page (search for “AD / LDAP integration”). In short, AD/LDAP integration is not available on the hosted plans at (e.g. Gold), but only on self-hosted plans (e.g. Ultimate).

Thanks, I found the passage in the FAQ, not sure how I missed this when I first started looking at this a few months ago.

The other major question is how users are associated with the education license for my university if hosted at with Gold support. Is there a license we can provide that allows the user to associate their account or does an admin on our end have to go in and associate each new account with the license.

Hello @rwj5d!

Thank you for reaching out to us here!

When you upgrade your group to Gold, you should follow these steps to add users to that group.

Users can also request access to your group if you enable that feature.

Hello again @rwj5d!

I’m sorry I forgot to answer your question regarding branding.
You can check out our documentation page for changing the appearance of the login page.

Regarding custom URL, you can check out this part of our documentation. However, it is only for the hosted version of GitLab.