Email Display Name text box missing in Service Desk settings for projects when using incoming_mail configuration

Omnibus addition: v14.6.3
When configuring service desk for a project, the text box under Email Display Name is missing. This occurs when the incoming_mail settings are configured in gitlab.rb, but when the service_desk_email settings are not. If I configure the service_desk_email in gitlab.rb then the box shows up and I can set it. It still works after removing the service_desk_email config from gitlab.rb, but I can no longer see the text box to edit it. I don’t want to use two different email addresses, but I don’t want my users getting email from Gitlab Support Bot. My hacky solution works, but anyone have any other ideas so that I don’t have to reconfigure gitlab twice to add this to a project?

Thought I would share. I found a rails console workaround that seems to work:

p=ServiceDeskSetting.find_by(project_id: <your project id>)
p.outgoing_name='<Whatever name you want on the emails>'

This didn’t work because there was no ServiceDeskSetting for my project. But creating one did the trick:

sudo gitlab-rails console
# in console:
  issue_template_key: "", 
  outgoing_name: "<name>"