Empty pipeline starts whenever a specific user pushes to the repo

Hi everyone, I’m experiencing something weird.
I have a project where approx 30 people work, on many branches. The project has no gitlab-ci.yml file, no pipelines or jobs.
Whenever a specific user pushes to the repo, does not matter which branch, an empty pipeline starts and fails. I would expect no such pipeline to run.

We are using gitlab.com.

  • Add the CI configuration from .gitlab-ci.yml and other configuration if relevant (e.g. docker-compose.yml) → no such file exists in the repo.

I checked for any weird configuration user side, but no such luck. In fact, he develops on a containerized IDE that is identical to the one used by everyone else.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @giovanni_girelli
what does the pipeline error says? What are the jobs in the pipeline?

Hi @balonik! unfortunately it says absolutely nothing. Just “error”, there are no jobs:

Any other thing that comes to my mind and looks like pipeline is webhook. Do you have some webhook configured for your project? You can see it in Settings → Webhooks

Hi @balonik

thanks for your suggestion!
Unfortunately, no dice…

I am stumped.

Same weirdness here. A couple of developers, which joined in the past week or two have this behavior. Whenever they push something or create a merge request, a pipeline is run, but there are no CI/CD config or anything similar.
Screenshot by Lightshot - here is what i see in Pipelines

@ilior I just had the developer create a new account - same result!

I am about to add another new entry - i am curious to see what happens.

hi @ilior , I work with @giovanni_girelli, we noticed that for newly added users we experience systematically the same issue: user pushes on any branch of any repo, and the push triggers an empty pipeline. May be an issue on GitLab side?
Further we also noticed that the pipeline starts for each commit inside the push (so a push containing multiple commits starts multiple pipelines), an that the latest pipeline gets the latest tag.

In addition, we cannot inspect the kind of error since when I click on pipeline code I get only the message of the commit to which the pipeline is related to. To understand what I mean you can check @giovanni_girelli screenshots.

Seems to be:

  1. new
  2. not limited to us.

Is there a way to notify someone from gitlab? It isn’t doing any damage, but I can’t imagine is a desired outcome.

Looks like our case is already reported as a bug

Good to know!
I don’t see any message about a credit card, but this definitely seems to be the root issue.

+1 Facing the same issue. This has been going on for nearly a month now. Any comment from gitlab’s side would be nice. At the present we’re just not sure if this will be fixed.

The issue linked above is closed and this is fixed.