Pipeline not configured but still running


We’re using gitlab.com to host our company projects.
Today, a new team member joined us, with a freshly created gitlab account.
To complete his first task, he created a new branch, the git commit and git push.
Every git commit he does starts a pipeline, although no .gitlab-ci.yml exists.
I tried to checkout his branch and push on it, but it didn’t start a pipeline (has intented).

We tried to look into the settings, but we couldn’t find an explanation.
Any idea why a pipeline is started only for his commits, even if no CI/CD has been set?


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Was the new person using a fork of the repo?

No, it’s a branch of the original repo

Is auto dev ops turned on in your repo settings? It’s in settings → CI/CD

No, it’s not, and no trigger is configured either

Very weird. Is it a paid account? Maybe you can raise a support ticket?

No, we’re not using a paid account yet, but we’ll look into it.
Thank you for your time