Forbidden to log in to

Our whole office started getting a Forbidden message whenever we (try to) log in to . Why is this, and how can we resolve it? I don’t believe we’ve done anything wrong to deserve this.

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We also get this issue, and it last more than 12 hours until now. How long does it take for your office?

Along multiple issue regard this problem (403 forbidden from, I don’t see any official reply from gitlab members. That’s a sad feeling for us, free user.

Got reply from gitlab people, and I post it here just in case some one has the same issue in the future.

Gitlab will block IP address that perform too many login into docker registry within a time frame. (In they reply, they have mentioned 10 time per 60 seconds.

Our deployment process is setup incorrectly, cause the deployment unit fail, and docker auto retry several time, each retry seem to trigger another login, as docker think the ‘latest’ image will solve the problem.

Also note that if the problem happen multiple time with your IP, you will be black listed. Your IP won’t be unblock any soon until you contact to gitlab.

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