IP blocked from container registry for over 24 hours

IP of my server has been blocked from accessing container registry for over 24 hours. I am free user so I am not entitled to gitlab support. Anyone got experience with such long bans? Is it permanent? I assume it happened cause I used wrong access token once. According to docs ban should last only one hour.

According to the docs it’s not possible for you to get banned by using the wrong access token once: GitLab.com settings | GitLab

if you are still blocked, you need to find out what is continually causing the block. Maybe a process is running that is constantly looping with login failure and continually blocking your account?

Bans should normally reset themselves, of course, assuming that some weird process isn’t constantly attempting to authenticate or send to many failed requests which then causes the next ban period.

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Yep, that seems to be what is happening. With tcpdump on server I see bunch of requests towards registry.gitlab.com IP, I assume those are login requests with bad creds still saved somewhere, which keeps extending the ban period. Now I need to research what exactly is it, but that is beyond scope of this forum.

Thank you for help!