Trouble mirroring a previously mirrored repository

I’m running into a silly problem trying to mirror some github repositories to, which I hope someone might be able to suggest an answer to.

I’ve previously mirrored GitHub ome/ome-common-cpp to GitLab openmicroscopy/incubator/ome-common-cpp and the status is “Done”. However, I’ve since left that organisation and I want to mirror it to GitLab codelibre/ome/ome-common-cpp, but the UI doesn’t let you re-mirror any previously mirrored repositories. Does anyone know if that’s possible? How to you remove the “Done” status? I disabled mirroring on the repo, left it and the organisation, so it’s no being actively mirrored any longer. I can’t repeat that mirroring action as things stand.

An additional oddity is that the repository list shows both my repositories and the forked repositories from the “ome” organisation they were forked from. But, it doesn’t show the “openmicroscopy” organisation repositories I forked from, despite me being a member of both organisations.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Thanks, all

I was able to mirror each repository manually by creating a new project and mirroring using an https URL and then altering the repository settings as desired.

However, the mirroing UI above as is doesn’t have any way to repeat actions, which is a shame. Being able to overcome the “Done” status and explicitly repeat would be very helpful.

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