From Gitlab Jira Cloud app I cannot link private namespaces

I have just installed Gitlab app in Jira cloud and after connecting with my credentials to my Gitlab account I am able to see only public namespaces


  • Gitlab: Create private namespace, a group for example
  • Jira: Enter manage app menu, sign in to Gitlab and click on “Add namespace” button
  • A new window is opened.
  • No result is shown
  • Gitlab: Change the group characteristic, from private to public
  • Repeat steps is Jira
  • The group is found!!!
  • Gitlab: Revert group status to private
  • Repeat steps is Jira
  • No result is shown

Is this a feature or a bug? If it is a feature it is not published in documentation …

SO: Mac OS
Browser: Safari 16.1 (yes, no problem with cross-site cookies) in Private mode

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I’m having the same issue with a Gitlab self-hosted instance on 15.7.2 and Jira Cloud.
I can only see public groups, but not when the group is internal or private.