Group URL has already been taken


trying to create the following group
https:// strikr

on submission of the filled form, the error shown is

Group URL has already been taken

This is unusual, as i had verified that no such group name exists.
However, i’m unable to create the group.

We are trying to setup an umbrella group that would hold projects under the ‘strikr’ group. The legal paper work including Tax and VAT is complete with the name ‘strikr’.

Any pointers as to how this issue can be resolved ?

warm regards

If you need to create following group then you might follow some simple and easy steps which you can find Netgear Technical Support they have an expert team to know this matter better.

Hey @saifi, it’s possible that the namespace you’re trying to create is private, which is why you can’t see it. On we do maintain a dormant namespace policy through which users can request that a particular namespace is freed up if we determine that it is indeed dormant.

If you’d like us to check whether or not strikr qualifies for this, please contact us directly.