GitHub mirrored repository in GitLab not syncing/pulling automatically

We are on a paid version of a gitlab. I have configured a project on GitLab to mirror the repository from git hub. This was done from the Settings> Repository> Mirroring Repository section. The sync happened when I started but post that whenever I push code to the GitHub repository the code does not sync in GitLab, even after 30 mins. If I manually click on the sync button it works.

The issue I am facing is that it is not happening automatically.
Can you suggest a solution?

Are you using or on-prem EE? I’ve seen the sync not working when the background job scheduler (sidekiq) is overloaded, doing that on an interval basis. If you’re on premise, you can inspect that via the /admin/background_jobs URL in the admin interface and investigate why jobs are failed/not run. For I’d suggest opening a support call.


I just finished setting up a GitLab pull mirror for a GitHub repo and stumbled upon the same issue you described.
What fixed it for me was configuring a webhook in GitHub to notify GitLab of any new commits, as described here:

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Also stumbled upon this Im affraid…
@ucorina What you propose is workaround, not fix.
I want fix. what is this option in UI than? Seems that just as a spece-occuppier; to impress users/potential customers (on the very same page, just under wanna-be mirroring options, there is huge ad inviting me to pay for upgrading my account. Meaning mirroring will be working once on paid plan? Seems like.


since you asked the same question in a different topic, I am linking it here for follow-up questions.