GitLab 16 on RHEL 7.2

Is it possible to deploy GitLab 16 community edition on RHEL 7.2 ?
If yes, then how long will the latest GitLab support RHEL 7.2 ?

Gitlab 16 supports EL7, so it doesn’t matter if it’s 7.2 or 7.9. Be aware RHEL7 goes end of life in June 2024, so one year from now.

You would be better considering moving to a new operating system. Better would be RHEL9, although there isn’t too much difference between EOL for RHEL8 than RHEL9 - 3 years at most (2029 vs 2032).

Gitlab will most likely stop supporting RHEL7 when it goes end of life next year, so you won’t get any further new releases after this - at best patch updates to existing versions depending on how old they are at that point since Gitlab usually only supports the last 2 or 3 point releases.