GitLab account blocked, previous logged in via github account only

Hadn’t logged in in a’while (between job changes, Covid, etc) and was surprised when ‘login with GitHub’ resulted in “Your account has been blocked. Please contact your GitLab administrator if you think this is an error.” yet this is for my personal account? I have no GitLab administrator.

Trying to login with the e-mail address in question ( fails as ‘Email has already been taken’ so I came here to the forums as I believe I was on a free account previously.

I have tried from a private browser tab, same result, the login OAuth/etc flows all appear to be working properly, so the account really is blocked and I can’t exactly troubleshoot around that situation.

As I can’t actually login so I can’t file a support ticket, did my personal account get added to an organization somehow by mistake? I apologize this is short, but as the account is blocked and in the way it’s blocked I can’t do much troubleshooting.