Gitlab auto logout and forgets my browser everyday

Since i started using git credentials helper to not have to type username and password each time i do git push or git pull or…, gitlab logs me out everyday and forgets my browser (i mean when entering gitlab website in a browser)
So everyday i have to login to gitlab and receive an email with a code to be able to login to my gitlab account in the browser,
now i desactivated credentials helper of git and started using an ssh key to do my git tasks and still the same problem, i have to re login each time i open in my browser
How do i solve this?

Try to remove the saved credentials from Windows Credential Manager

I’m on ubuntu so i don’t have credential manager , i deleted it from git config

ok, looks to me like Browser issue rather than GitLab issue. Blocked cookies or you clean browser cache on exit or similar setting?

i don’t clean browser cache but i use Brave browser it has a lot of this kind of privacy settings and it blocks a lot of cookies that it feels like it’s a tracker , so it could be , i’ll try to signin with brave browser shields OFF