Gitlab backup task is stuck,how to solve it?

my gitlab is 12.4-ce. I backup gitlab through gitlab-backup create. when dumping restories,the task is stucked. two hours later, the task stays where it is .I find the repository is too bigger,the size of repository is 25G.I do’t know how to solve it.


There could be a number of reasons for this, but if looks like it is stuck, then it is because you have a lot of data. It will create a tar backup of the data, so it needs to have enough disk space to do this as well. So you will need to ensure you have plenty of available disk space available for it to create the 25GB tar file (theoretically compressed it should be less then this, but it all depends on the type of data in the repos on whether it is compressible or not).

So providing you have enough disk space, the task should finish. If not, then it could be lack of disk space, or lack of memory to complete the backup task quicker.

I have a look at the server information 。the available disk space and the available memory is enough. I want to exclude repositories or Archived repositories from backup task.

According to this, there is an issue open, but it’s not possible to exclude certain repositories:

however, what you can do is exclude all repositories:

sudo gitlab-backup create SKIP=db,uploads

from the documentation, that would skip making a backup of db and uploads directories. If you want to just skip the repositories, then SKIP=repositories would do that for you.

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thank you !!