Restore stuck on Restoring repositories

I have gitlab 15.9.8_ee (without licence, long story) deployed to kubernetes using the official helm charts, restoring a backup using backup-utility --restore -t gets stuck after restoring 2 group wikis (which won’t actually exist, as we don’t have a licence). I’ve left it going for 12+ hours and it’s never got any further. Previous restores have worked fine.

GitLab has a tool called gitlab_backup (which is just a wrapper for gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:. I don’t know what backup-utility is, but there’s a good chance it’s incompatible with how GitLab arranges things, so your problems might stem from using the wrong tool.

backup-utility is the tool provided in the toolbox pod when deploying via the helm chart to kubernetes.

I found my issue, the gitaly pod had a stuck process holding a lock on the EFS mount. Restarted the gitaly pod and all is well.