Gitlab-ce too large of a margin on main area of the page

So I just now noticed this, but a couple class elements, for example on the sign-in page and explore page. Seem to have too large of margins where it doesn’t fit neatly into a 16:9 screen. I am not sure if this is intentional, and I would like to know how to change it for my side at the very least or if like adding a viewport meta tag in the head would help.

In the top right hand corner click and go into preferences and in Behavior set layout width to fluid.

It is already set to fluid. The probably isn’t the width though, it’s the height of the pages.

Maybe show some screenshots as not really understanding what you mean. A screenshot would help show exactly. I can then see if I have the same or not. Also let us know what browser is being used.

Here’s one on the main Gitlab site, it acts the exact same way on my CE instance.

There is a scrollbar with a small buffer. Which is kind of annoying.

Yep, I see that with although I don’t have the other sign-in modules enabled (Google, Github, Twitter, etc), so on my personal Gitlab instance, I don’t have the scrollbar issue. If you are not wanting to use these sign-in options, you can disable it if you wish to force users to use email addresses, rather than social media profiles to login with.

Obviously it’s using fixed width here, but the height issue will be due to the modules on the login screen and unsure if you can customise and change their positioning.

Actually, I do have the scrollbar issue on my private one, even without the social logins.

Okay thank you, I was curious if there was a css file directory in /opt/gitlab or something.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to customise the CSS unfortunately, or for example remove the footer which is causing the scrollbar issue.