Gitlab CI runner fails reading my test CSV file

When I run my Automation runs it fails the tests I have CSV data involved

Our Framework is Java Selenium , in the root of the project we have a CSV file with thousands of product id’s . Some tests we go load up i.e 10 - 50 - 100 - 1000 pids into a scanner to process different collections with products. Works great to run the automation this way , but as soon as we push our code to the repo we have a few smoke tests that get fired and those tests has the csv data we mentioned above.
Those tests will fail because the runner outputs this message >

This is how the csv data looks like in the project >

    • Gitlab runner outputs this message - Error reading products_xl.csv*
    • Version Running with gitlab-runner 13.11.0 (7f7a4bb0)

Much appreciated for all help.

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It’s hard to tell from this description exactly what is happening. I would add a link line ls -lR * somewhere in the failing job, just to check that the file is where you expect it to be, and has the right ownership and permissions.

If that doesn’t help, I think you’ll need to give us more information here.

Thanks , I’ll try that and see what’s going on .

Keep you posted.