GitLab for Open Source Program and pipeline privacy

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I’ve been looking into the GitLab for Open Source Program and had a question on pipeline privacy. One of the program qualifications is “Be publicly visible”. The qualification is further defined as follows:

Both the applicant’s group or self-managed instance and source code must be publicly visible and publicly available.

I would like to know if this includes pipeline visibility. I might have to make pipelines from some projects private. Renovate, for instance, has a recommendation to have private CI logs for their runner to be safe.

Hi @jameschensmith,

As far as I know, the “Public” visibility requirement only applies to the repository (source code + merge requests) and the issue tracker, as these features are required to allow for contributions from and collaboration with open source community members.

Choosing to make pipelines or pipeline artifacts private for security reasons will not disqualify you from being accepted into the the GitLab for Open Source program.

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Perfect! Thanks, @gitlab-greg!