"GitLab In Your Native Tongue" as a category

We are now able to use this Forum in various languages, as we have huge number of users, like Elastic.

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Hi @tnir! I am very interested in this idea for a category.

My two concerns are:

1.) How can GitLab’s moderation teams be sure thread get answered if they don’t speak that particular language?

2.) We would need native speakers to be our eyes and moderate code of conduct violations. Do you know how other forums (like Elastic’s) accomplished this?

Eager to hear more from you, thanks!

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Hi @Linds! Thanks for you comments.

  1. We had enough practice on GitLab Web UI Translation with (unpaid) employment of proofreaders. We could gather contributions from wider community along with Everyone Can Contribute
  2. No, I do not know community for other products including Elastic. However we have run our Japanese community to resolve community members’ questions by community experts for 3.5+ years (courtesy of Naoya Suzuki for initial co-founding). Like the inception of translations, GitLab team members and active contributors from a wider community, who are native speakers of that language, are helpful to establish the sustainable community.

@Linds What is the status for this? Let me know if you started to work on it on GitLab Issues or somewhere else?

Sure thing! This issue is just a discussion so far, so please add your thoughts! @tnir

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