No response from gitlab

Hello there, good day!

It’s been a few months since I applied for the GitLab for Open Source and I haven’t received any response. Is that normal? How much time does it usually take? I tried to email, but no response was given after a month.


sorry for the slow responses. Can you share the namespace you applied for so that I can forward your question to our teams? Thanks!

Yes sure, the repo is Higenku · GitLab
We wanted to try the free trial, so we activated it today.
That’s why you will see that we have the epics enable, for example.
Thank you for the quick response

Hey there, is the namespace correct?

I’ve forwarded the details to our community programs team to review last week. They should have reached out to you yesterday to help navigate the application, and requested to provide more info. Please confirm that you received the request :slight_smile:

Hello there, It doesn’t appear to have arrived. Can you confirm that the it was sent to,, or

No problem, I’m not in a hurry. Just interested to see if you guys didn’t forget about me

If it’s annoying, let me know that I will stop :slight_smile:

No worries, I appreciate the clear response with directions on what to check next. I’m the proxy in the middle, and depending on workload, I am the blocker at the moment. That’s why the direct messaging is better :slight_smile:

Got it, thank you very much!

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Hello there,
Just passing by to say that I still didn’t receive the follow-ups. Our email server is hosted on so it’s possible that the email is caught on their filters and will not be able to reach me (which I think is highly improbable) However, I found this issue template .gitlab/issue_templates/ · master · / GitLab · GitLab,
if it’s better, I could open an issue there.

Hello there, I have received an email. And here is the response in case you guys didn’t receive it:

Hello there, good Day!

The gitlab page for the project is

And my profile is at

We have many projects that use different Foss Licenses, the mostly used is AGPL and GPL:

But we also use Apache License:

And the LGPL

Please, if possible, send me an email confirming that you received the mail

Mit freundliche Grußes,
Best Regards

Lorenzo from the Higenku Project <>

Hello there,
Now that the email is sent, does this verification process take too much time? I have entered the trial, and it ends in 23 days, could you let me know if it takes more than 23 days to get verified?

Hi there, everything worked fine, and now it’s all set up! Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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Great to hear, thanks for the update :heart:

No Problems.

Have a great day, Until next time :slight_smile: