Gitlab-Jira integration failing


I’m want to use the Gitlab Jira integration but can’t manage to make it work. I have two docker containers, one running Gitlab EE 13.5.4 and the other running Jira v8.13.1. The configuration is very straightforward for now, both services run respectively on localhost:80 and localhost:8080. My containers share the same isolated bridge network.

I have thoroughly followed the Gitlab documentation on integrating Jira available here :

However, when testing the integration, Gitlab greets me with the very explicit following message: Connection failed. Please check your settings.

Here’s a screenshot of my configuration page:

Looking at the logs, I noticed the following entry in gitlab-rails/production_json.log:


I’m still learning the ropes of docker and I’m not a system administrator, so maybe I’m missing something very straightforward and obvious here. What I don’t understand is that the path /rest/api/2/serverInfo is only relevant in the context of the Jira API and should be accessible hitting localhost:8080. Also, the location is actually the Gitlab authentication page (except that it should be hitting port 80 and not 8080), not Jira’s.

Does anyone have an idea what’s going on here?