Gitlab login cloudflare 503

As of two days ago I am unable to log into Gitlab using my browser “Qutebrowser” running on ArchLinux. I have checked and other people have the same issue so it isn’t only me. It seems to be related to a QT version and has also been experienced in other browsers (by others, not by me).

The version details of my browser are

qutebrowser v2.5.2
Git commit: 
Backend: QtWebEngine 5.15.10, based on Chromium 87.0.4280.144
Qt: 5.15.5 (compiled 5.15.4)

I can log in successfully using Firefox but not being able to use my browser of choice is making my workflow more difficult than it needs to be.

Might this be due to Gitlab turning on Cloudflare Under Attack mode ? Whatever the issue, it started for me yesterday (16th August) and was working fine the day before (15th August).

Is there any possibility for Gitlab to review its Cloudflare settings?
(not sure if this is better placed as a Gitlab issue but that suggested posting here first)

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Hi @johnlane

Unfortunately, Qutebrowser is not on the officially supported list so I won’t expect any prompt action from GitLab.

You might get better results if Qutebrowser will try to fix it on their side.