My pages stop working

Hello al lof the suddem tonight the site hosted on gitlab pages just stopped working, we did not updates in weeks, no dns change, anything whatsoever… I check the gitlab status and says pages is green… any ideas?

Hey @rek2, sorry to hear about the issue. Unfortunately though, we won’t be able to assist easily without more concrete details.

Can you provide the URL to your pages site? If the repository that hosts it happens to be public, then a link to that would be useful as well. We did recently implement access control for Pages that may have caused an issue for you. If so, be sure to check the visibility settings of the project in regards to Pages access control, as the documentation suggests.

is all good, the core issue I think it was with the hugo theme we were using, and with a gitlab update or something it tried to pick the new version of the theme while running the build part on the chain, so broke, I tried to figure out the issue but ended up changing theme…

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