Gitlab Self Hosted to Gitlab Hosted Bronze

Currently I have a self hosted GitLab instance with some projects. We are considering moving to gitlab hosted bronze, and I have some questions I couldn’t find on the pricing page.

Merge Requests
Is there a way to export the merge request information to the new gitlab?
Some projects have many MR and they have discussions that are worth keeping for future reference. We have tickets on another ticket system that refers to them, and I wouldn’t want to loose them.

Right now we don’t have runners on the self hosted. I’ve seen the bronze doesn’t include deploy boards, however I can still make deploys on different environments with Gitlab Runners and the correct pipelines right?

Thank you for your support.

There is an option on Gitlab to export the repository. When going to “settings” “export repository”. It does export MR and Issues, however, the author of all the merge requests and comments appear as been made by the person who imported the project.

And there is also the problem with the exporter version. They have to match exactly. If you have version 0.2.3 it will not import to 0.2.4

So beware of that.