What is Gitlabs stance/commitment to self-hosted servers?

Hi :), firstly to give this a little more context Atlassian recently announced that they are phasing out their self-hosted server software. No new licenses to be sold after Feb 2021 and support ends completely in 2024.

Here’s some key information taken from their recent announcement:

Here’s what’s changing on February 2, 2021 PT:
End of new server license sales: You can no longer purchase or request a quote for a new server product.

Updates to server prices: New prices for server renewals and upgrades will go into effect.
On February 2, 2024 PT, server support will end . This means support and bug fixes will no longer be available for your server products.

Now my query for Gitlab is; do you have any plans to phase out the self-hosted software at any point in the future? Forcing users to either move to the cloud or migrate.

This move by Atlassian seems really underhanded and I’m trying to find a good reliable alternative I can invest in. Bronze self-hosted looks great for what I need. I just want some more assurances before I invest in another products('s).

Thank you for your time and for any information you may provide; if something like this has been posted previously I was unable to find it. Sorry for the duplicate in that instance.

Thanks again and kindest regards,