GItLab Bronze Support Package: is it legit?

Does anybody have experience with the Bronze Support package offered by GitLab?
Is there a Silver and Gold package as well?
I’m looking for a contact email or a site that explains how the package works: what to expect for my money.
All I have found is a link to make a payment.
Any info about this paid support option is welcome.

With the bronze package you can email support. We’ll reply before the next business day is over. Apart from support there are no other benefits. If you don’t have the bronze package you have to use forum support on

I want to subscribe but I had an issue with my registration for the Bronze package.
This week my credit card was charged but I never received anything from the site.
I then realized that there was a typo in my email address.
Could you direct me to a contact who might be able assist with my registration.

Please email us at and include the name and, if possible, the incorrect email address you registered with. We will find the record and update it.

@rickforgit we’re working on your request and we’ll have you sorted out shortly.

I received a private email today explaining that my Bronze Support registration has been updated.
I will submit a question to the support email and will report the outcome.

That’s great new. Thanks for reporting back.

My registration mistake has been corrected. I can now contact support and have received a response.
I am satisfied that the bronze package is alive and working well.