GitLab Self-managed and users pricing

I would like to know if there is an user limit on my own self-managed GitLab CE instance. I’ve being searching in the documentation but I don’t seem to understand it. I understand that in the SaaS version you have to upgrade the free plan if you pass the 5 users mark but there is nothing about the self-managed version. Right now I don’t have an active subscription linked to the server but I dont know if I should have one or which one (we plan to have 100 users aprox).
Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi @alopez-vocces

self-managed instances are currently not restricted

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More correct: Instances using CE have no limits.
If you have a license on your self-managed (EE) instance, it is limited to the number of seats you’ve paid for.

Technically @balonik is right, thanks to the true-up model self-managed instances are not restricted, but if your number of users pass the number of seats you’ve paid for, you’ll have to for them retro-actively the next time you renew the license.

As you talk about having a GitLab CE instance, there is no limit, we have 500+ users on ours.

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