Gitlab Update Automation

We need to update out on-prem Gitlab on regular basis. Has anyone developed Ansible playbook to handle Gitlab update? How do people typically handle Gitlab, Mattermost and Runners update?


  • Xinhuan

That sounds like a good idea.

A project could be created on to support such an effort so that your on-prem Gitalb (and that of others) updates each time a new release is out.

Installing a Gitlab runner on your on-prem Gitlab, and registering it against the project on, might be able to automatically update your on-prem Gitlab whenever the project on releases a new version.

On a related note, I am experiencing some difficulty updating my on-prem Gitlab-ce …

When I run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gitlab-ce I get gitlab-ce is already the newest version (13.3.3-ce.0)

However, when I look in the /admin area on my on-prem Gitlab, this is displayed: GitLab 13.3.2 (f4a969f7f49).

Are you having similar issues?


I see automatic upgrades as an excellent way to automate breakage, so I don’t want it, but I can’t see any problems in making your configuration management execute the commands.

@Tremolant: I saw the same with 13.3.3, but then saw that 13.3.4 is actually out, and upgrading to that is discovered my the admin area dashboard. I guess this was the main reason (but there’s a chance nobody will ever admit that) reason that 13.3.4 was made, but in reality I think it doesn’t really matter.

@grove: Thanks for letting me know about 13.3.4. I Just updated to that version in my pre-production on-prem Gitlab.

@HappyTuesday: @grove does make a good point about automated breakage.

Perhaps automated breakage could be leveraged as a good thing, by running a pre-production on-prem Gitlab?

You would only update the production on-prem Gitlab if, and only if, the pre-production Gitlab doesn’t break when it is automatically updated.