Gitlab upgrade in docker ( community edition)

Hello Team,

I want to upgrade my Gitlab which is running on Linux Docker with version 15.4.6

I want to upgrade 16.5.6

What is the upgrade path .

I checked in offical website i didn’t get understand

Please post path here.

Don’t send any links just send path

Thank you

Sorry but I am going to send links so that you can learn.

See here: Upgrade GitLab | GitLab

It shows the upgrade path. Also if you read the documentation there is a Gitlab Upgrade Path tool that will generate the upgrade path for you: Upgrade Path

Please do not expect everyone to generate upgrade paths or anything else for you. That is why I sent the above so you can learn how to do it yourself :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing upgrade path,

I already tried that path from 15.4.6 to 16.5.6

Unfortunately in target version list 16.5.6 is not available.

Due to that I’m asking path here.

Since 16.5.6 is not on the list, and 16.5.8 is on the list, it means that once you get to 16.3.7 you then upgrade to 16.5.6 instead of 16.5.8.

In reality though you should be upgrading to the latest, since 16.5.6 will have vulnerabilities and that is why it’s not on the list. It will also likely be a missed release because 16.5.8 perhaps includes migrations that 16.5.6 doesn’t have and is also a reason why it’s not on the list.

You should even upgrade from 16.5.6 to 16.8.1 which is the latest and most secure release.