Has anyone integrated w/ Phabricator for code review?

I’ve been looking for a pre-commit review concept that will let me users to there commits and pushes but hold the real push till I do the actual review.

New to pre-commits so any information would be awesome. :smile:

Yes, I have integrated Phabricator for code review. It’s awesome!
Yes, in Phabricator is possible to create a revision, you review the code in Phabricator, comment to the code and ask the submitter to recheck his code if you find errors, and only when you accepted the revision the submitter can push the code to the repository. This is just one workflow. Phabricator is flexible and can adapt your workflow really nice. It can be super configured and more, it’s open source and you can write your plugins.

Can you provide any more details on how you set this up?


what would be the advantage to a WIP merge request in GitLab using branches/forks? I do not see the point here. On the contrary, using an MR offers a simple way.to do at least some CI beforehand.

Regards Mirko

How did you integrate phabrictor with gitlab? where can we find a guide for it? is it supported by gitlab or by phabricator?