Have stopped receiving email notifications

I have also stopped receiving notifications, despite having everything enabled - I tried something similar to what Meet Mangukiya has tried, to no avail.

For the time being I have enabled slack notifications for every repo we are actively developing on, so it kinda works. But email notifications not working for @samlopes as well maybe implies there’s some bug or deployment issues.

Hi @meet.mangukiya & @samlopes! Can you please share a few example links of MRs which you believe you should have received a notification about but didn’t so we can look into this further? :blush:

Thanks, talk soon!

Sure thing, although I only am member of private repos, which I hope doesn’t matter much with regards to debugging?


Hi @Linds! Any luck with this? Is there anything else I can do to help?


Some my merge requests, i did not receive any notifications:

Hi @Linds! I know you’re probably super busy, but it would be great if we could figure out why I’m not receiving emails from gitlab.

Our team has stopped getting notifications from our projects in this time period as well it seems.
The last notifications we’ve gotten were July 17th, and this is across multiple users, groups and projects.

Unconfirmed with different domains for email addresses. Our email runs off of gsuite for non-profits, but would hope it’s not a deliver-ability issue there.

Exact situation, have stopped since 12th july, also running off gsuite.

My last notification is also from 17th July (also gsuite).

Does this problem still occur to you guys @samlopes @meet.mangukiya @brian1 ?

Yes, it still occurs. I ended up solving it by literally just creating a brand new gitlab account with a new email entirely, which isn’t great.

Same issue for me. Also not receiving emails and have tried multiple things (mostly checking and changing settings) without success. So only option so far is to create a brand new account?

Sounds like it might be the same as

It’s been two months since she wrote, but I hope @Linds will do something and find a solution.

Yes, same problem for me.
But I don’t want to change my account and my email to get it back… is there any other workaround?


Greg from GitLab Support here. The problem you’re describing sounds like a mail supression or filter somewhere along the line is blocking the email from reaching your inbox.

@FlorentAlvez @robbert.lalisang @samlopes @meet.mangukiya @brian1 @KSDaemon If you’re still having this problem, please create a Support ticket with the email address you’re not receiving notifications for, the last date you recieved a notification email from GitLab, and Subject of “not receiving email notifications”. This will help us investigate and resolve any mail suppressions on our side of the equation.

Thanks in advance!

I created a ticket (#176605), but it was auto-closed because “we are unable to determine if your account qualifies for paid support”.

I am a free user, how can I still solve this issue?

Hi @andrhe sorry for any confusion.

For help with this type of issue, I should’ve linked to or mentioned that it should be submitted as GitLab.com SaaS User Accounts and Login Issues.

The auto-close is triggered for “Support for GitLab.com SaaS” tickets where there is no customer account associated with the sender’s email address, while tickets for GitLab.com SaaS User Accounts and Login Issues don’t get auto-closed if we can’t find a customer account.

I’ve updated the link to create an issue in my original post so it’ll go directly to the appropriate form which will not auto-close for free users.

@andrhe in your case, I did find and release an email suppression. On our end, it appears notifications got suppressed as a result of 498 - No MX for uplearn.co.uk. We released the suppression, so as long as the MX record is set up correctly for uplearn.co.uk, you should start getting notifications again. Can you test out email notifications and let us know if they’re working again?

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Oh, thank you so much. It is working again!

Thanks for your time and assistance.

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I am having the same problem. email notifications from my projects are not working. Could you check for a suppression on your end, please?

In october I did create a support ticket, which ended up in the supporter creating: Non-members of a project can subscribe to new release notifications but they will not be sent to them (#267523) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab

That might explain some cases.