Not receiving e-mail notifications

Hi all,

Starting from 16 July 2022 I stopped receiving e-mail notifications from whenever I got assigned to a Merge Request or when someone mentions me in a comment. I have not changed anything in my GitLab settings, it just stopped out of the sudden.

Normally, I receive e-mail in my Outlook for Mac application. I have already checked my Outlook account and cannot detect any issues. It does arrive into the Junk folder, either. There are also no rules defined that does anything funky. I also checked the web version of Office365 (to see if it is not an issue with the Mac application) but also there I do not receive any e-mails.

Coincidentally (or not?) I also stopped receiving e-mail notifications from JIRA (Atlassian). Their support team said my e-mail address ( was added to a suppression list because the outlook server rejected an e-mail notification before:

550: 550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS({hex}) []

After I created a support ticket they remove my e-mail address from their suppresion list and I could receive e-mails again.

I suspect something similar happened at however I have no way of checking this. I have already tried changing my e-mail address, and then I do receive e-mails without issue. So either my e-mail address is blocked, or my mail server is blocking incoming traffic however I cannot check this as I do not have access to mail servers from Microsoft.

I already asked Microsoft Support for help but they just refer to “my IT department” to solve it, but this person does not know how to troubleshoot this issue either.

Does anybody have any idea what could be wrong?

Kind regards,

For anyone finding this post in the future. My problem was eventually solved by the support team. I just had to create a support ticket here with subject “Not receiving e-mail notifications”.