How do I deal with isssues?

I’m a bit new, and I’ve encountered an issue - I get http error 500 on my project page for some reason. I’m wondering is it something that should pass (whenever the admins fix something that is not working properly), or that I might be able to fix myself via some settings or SSH (couldn’t make SSH to work yet though), or should I file a bug report?

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I have the same issue and I’ve also created a post for that. Here it is: Cannot access to my repositories

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Hi :wave:

if you experience a problem with SaaS, I recommend checking that it is not just you. The team responsible for the infrastructure posts incidents and updates to our status page on Following or checking the @gitlabstatus account on Twitter is also a good insight, linking all resources.

If there’s no reports yet, chime in here, and create a new topic, or look whether one exists. You can also tag the @gitlab account on Twitter. Direct responses may take a bit, as we are async by default, in different timezones.

When you see an incident issue, I recommend subscribing to notifications, and when asked, share your location details and how the error looks for you. Sometimes incidents are region specific, or tie into a specific feature set.


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